Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Writing's A Bitch But I'm Doing It Anyway

I thought writing my novel was tough.  That was before I started this blog.  Now I'm being ripped apart, trying to keep on track with my revisions so I can send my manuscript out before I drop dead, while I'm trying to keep on top of the blog.  Well, like the title of this post says, it's a bitch.

I think many bloggers are people looking for something - new business, more money, sex, friends, attention, a catharsis...Others just want to share their insights and experiences.  As for me, I think I'm split about 30/70, maybe 20/80, but I'm not really sure at this point.  I've been at it all night (again) and feeling a little like the Yankees lineup facing Cliff Lee at the game on Monday night -- knowing I have an uphill battle with the book and the blog, and wondering why I'm bothering (although unlike the Yankees, I don't have a huge salary to keep me going when/if I blow it-- I wish I did).

In the divorce blog world, there are a hell of a lot of divorce info blogs written by legal and mental health professionals  for marketing/solicitation purposes.  And a lot of agenda-driven blogs written by newly-single men and women who've gotten through some nasty times.  And probably the biggest group of divorce-related blog is the memoir-type blog -- some of them share far more personal information about the blogger's sex and social life than I ever want to know.

Some of these blogs make great reading.  I've linked a few that I think are excellent to my site.

I thought it might be kinda neat to write a blog about the people- including lawyers - behind divorce and custody cases. About the stresses they face and how they handle it.  Some of the problems that arise before and after people break up. Relationships between men and women. How lawyers think and behave.  The way the media portrays breakups and lawyers.

My goal has been to write about all this stuff in a fun, non-lawyerly way, but still through eyes of an experienced lawyer.  No, like I said in my very first post,  I'm not writing this blog to get any law or divorce-related business AT ALL; no solicitations, no agendas, no soul-searching. No touchy-feely stuff, either (not really my style).

I also thought the blog would be a nice companion to Client Relations, which that has similar themes and has, as its main backdrop, a raging custody battle between a ripped-as-hell celebrity chef and his workaholic physician wife. Seemed like a good way to regroup my energies, get some feedback, share my progress, have an additional creative outlet, have a little fun ("Gee, this could be fun! "- I love the Extenz commercials!).

And it is fun.  But it's also a bitch because it's yanking me in so many directions.  And I'm doing it anyway.  Guess I'm still driven, despite everything...

Wait a second--- Does this post count as 'soul-searching'?


  1. I left a lengthy response and it got eaten up by your blog at the last minute. Will try again.... Maddening. Okay. Well, you are right. Writing is a pain in the posterior sometimes. I was curious about this notion of bloggers blogging for sex. What the hay are you talking about? How does one get sex from blogging? Am totally Bewildered? Did you write that one of the reasons people blog is for sex? Or do I just have that word on my frontal cortex?

  2. Hmm, don't know what could have happened to your longer comment. I love cyberspace.

    You have sex on the brain, girlfriend. The first sentence reads that some bloggers are LOOKING FOR... sex, among other things. Kinda obvious, right?

    You've been pulling too many late nights working on your blog!

  3. Not. I get to bed by midnight now. No more 3:00 a.m. blog posts for me. Got better things to do with my time. :)

    Well, okay. Guess I over-read that. So why do you blog? I'm guessing catharsis? I don't why I blog. It just happened that I blog. I didn't think of it consciously. I never said, "I'm going to take up blogging." I just started blogging during the financial crisis of 2008. It seemed to fit. And at first, I did it to goof off, and escape. I still escape in the blog sometimes. But now it's becoming more of a business model of sorts. I want to make it into an online business. And it just seems to be the natural progression after two years of goofing off. How long can I goof off? It's definitely difficult to make the transition, though. Because people are used to it being this "funny" thing that the blabbering lawyer has been doing for two years. But I am seriously taking the next step of creating on online global divorce portal and I think I want to provide resources to people by way of, for example, the classified section I just created. I guess you won't sign up? It's free you know, Terri. It's like putting an ad in the yellowpages. Except its free. Consider it. I'd love for you to be a part of my database of legal professionals.
    Oops. I'm blabbering again. Time to go. But thanks for clearing up the blog sex thing. I was totally confused. And still am a bit. But forget it. Sometimes I just take a while to get it and then days later I'll go "oh. That's what she meant!" :)

  4. Thanks, Ms. Jeannie but no biz ads for me...The book's my primary focus right now when the darn blog doesn't chew up my time. My first draft of it, back in 07-08, was my catharsis. That draft is still saved in the dark recesses of my computer in case I ever need to remind myself how not to write.