Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Great Literary Agent Race, Part 14

Well, the fat lady sang.

Within about six weeks, all sixteen (A-List) publishers responded to Client Relations with a resounding...NO.

Which means that landing an agent isn't the end of the story. I'm back to square one,

My agent has told me to shelve Client Relations for now, and come up with a new book idea that will be a best seller. Her advice is, if book one doesn't sell well, book two will be a tough sell, so she wants my first book to be strongly positioned. So my next book one needs to be a killah book: A NYT Bestseller.

No sweat, I'm working on it.


Sex Site Comments

Umm I don't want to be rude but...

I've gotten a few comments, all very complimentary but linking their sex-toy sites, in response to some of my posts.

I sincerely appreciate the kind words, but I can't and won't publish posts with those kinds of links. Apologies, but even I have my limits.

So thank you to the anonymouses and the vibe operators and porn services who've contacted me, but I must respectfully decline to publicize your sites.

I wish I could say I was kidding about this, but it's a wild and wooly place out here in InternetWorld.