Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lawyers in the Facebook Movie

Saw the Facebook movie (The Social Network) on Monday.  Excellent acting all around.

But ...the lines some of the lawyers had?  Like the examining attorney at the deposition who asks the defendant/witness if he thinks the examining attorney isn't worth his attention.  DUH!  What FACT did he hope to elicit from such a dumb question (eliciting facts is, of course, the purpose of depositions).  What point was he trying to make, that the defendant was arrogant  and hostile (again, not the purpose of a deposition). And what plaintiff's lawyer (in an intellectual property suit, no less) would be stupid enough to ask the defendant that question in the first place?  Answer: a screenwriter trying too hard to score dramatic points.

And how about the second-year associate who's ALREADY an 'expert' in jury selection -  WTF?  More likely she'd be an expert on which take-out is open at 11 pm while she's still plowing through discovery responses, or on which partner is most likely to hunt her down at 4 pm on a Friday afternoon for a research project due on Sunday night.  And not at all probable she'd tell a high roller like Mark Zuckerberg (FB founder) - who was probably paying her employer law firm millions for his defense - that he was trying to be an asshole.

AARRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!  I shouldn't make myself so nuts when 'The Good Wife' hasn't even begun its next season next  - another mecca for great actors and bogus legal lives and lines... Entertaining? Yes.  Reasonably accurate?  Well, ummmm...... :

That's show biz.

(Allison Leotta's blog, The Prime-Time Crime Review (linked here: does a great job of rating the accuracy of SVU).

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