Friday, October 15, 2010

Crazy Divorce Lawyer Ads Gone Viral

Get rid of that vermin you call a spouse - wreck his New Year's!  Yeah!

Even AOL's jumped on these:

I guess these guys are technically 'colleagues' -- OUCH!


  1. Terri, I think they're absolutely hilarious msyelf. Especially the second one for the Gallagher guy. Betcha they get clients from these. What do you wanna bet?
    I've grudgingly put up some new posts over at Divorce Saloon. I am feeling so fat and lazy it actually gets in the way of my creativity. I'm still technically in hiatus, but I did put a few new stuff up so come by when you can.


  2. So now Divorce EZ has been renamed Divorce Deli. Guess that means you order your pastrami on rye, hold the pickles,while Steve does your divorce papers...

    As for Gallagher, he's got another ad where his 'girl' paras are in cocktail dresses: "Mike wouldn't have it any other way"

    I wonder what their rates are. Flat fee or hourly?

  3. I'm talking about the lawyers. Mike's paras look like nice girls.

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