Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Writing sex/love scenes

Lordie, it's hard (no pun intended)....

Among the difficulties:

1.  Describing body parts (porno-sounding vs. romance-novelly vs. medical vs. boring vs. slang)

2. Details of the act (just a little vs. nothing vs. implied vs graphic vs. flowery)

3. Emotions/internal thoughts (OMG vs. pure lust vs. none vs. mocking vs. analytical)

Just saying, it's not so easy.


  1. Hey Terri! How are you??? I am dodging tornadoes and all the rest of it. Just about to pack up for the night and realized I hadn't heard from you in a while. I came by and I see you are having loads of FUN with this book, girrrrl. You go girl!
    I'm starting yet another non-fiction book myself against my better judgment. It's about divorce though so I won't have to write any love scenes, thank god!
    Jeeze, I think all I think about is divorce. How did that ever happen? I need to break this cycle. I'm becoming a divorce-o-phile!

    Good luck with that :)
    Jeannie Golstein, Divorce Saloon

  2. Hey Ms. Jeannie, you've been on a hiatus, I see...

    Been busy as all hell up here in NY. But man oh man the trees are sooooooooooo beautiful right now - The colors take my breath away..........