Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy Bee Divorce Lawyers

No more gloom and doom for the matrimonial bar, according to the Star Tribune in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

Divorce rates, and therefore business for the average divorce lawyer, were on the decline during the worst of the recession.  But rates are up again, as pent-up frustration with dead marriages is yielding a new rise in divorce filings.

So there's no need to worry about finding another line of work.  Not yet, anyway...


  1. OMG, Terri, that's great news! :)


    PS I just read your bio and want to say Wow! I had no idea you were listed as one of the Best lawyers in America! That is totally fantastic and I am humbled to know you. My dream is to one day qualify for the AAML. Even that seems out of grasp.

  2. It's still just me, Jeannie. Jeez Louise.

    AAML is a fantastic organization, though, I must say.

  3. Well, yea. It's still you. But I'm still very impressed. I totally look up to you now.