Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Benefits To Being A Man

To be fair to the opposite gender, they do have some advantages over us.

As I see it, gentlemen, your benefits include the following:
1.  Swaggah isn't an issue.
2.  Strangers assume you're the one in charge.
3.  When car salesman talk to you, they don't treat you like an idiot.
4.  No worries about whether a particular pair of jeans makes your ass look fat.
5.  Loosening bottle caps and jar lids is a snap.
6.  It's easy to have an orgasm, even when you're not in the mood.
7.  Making a decision about what clothing to wear to work is limited to (i) what shirt is still clean; (ii) which tie is clean; and (iii) making sure you don't wear brown shoes with a blue suit.
8.  You can pee in a public restroom without worrying that the seat is wet.
9. You don't take your daughters clothes-shopping.
10. You usually make more than a woman for doing the same job.


  1. Here, here, Terri. Plus nobody ever calls a man "the man spurned" even if he was the one to get dumped. Somehow, it's always the woman who is "dumped."

  2. Right. But guys may feel differently, you know? Never good being the dumpee, whether male or female...