Tuesday, August 3, 2010

After the divorce- a celebration?

I can't count the number of clients who've told me that when their case is done, and they've finally shed their spouse, they're going to throw a huge party to celebrate their new freedom.  And they're going to invite me, of course.

Well, I've never been invited. And I suspect it's for one of these reasons:

(1) The client couldn't stand the sight of me when it was finally over (I've found that when I send a former client a simple holiday greeting, they groan and wonder what bad thing has happened- me and bad memories, we go hand-in-hand); or

(2) The party never happened - the client realized the divorce was too sad, too anti-climactic or too damn debilitating to leave much energy (or much money) for celebration.

I've seen a few photos of "divorce cakes" on the Internet (seems like they're more pro-women).  I wonder if they're for real and if they are, how many people actually enjoy eating them.



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