Friday, February 11, 2011

A Family Lawyer Dies In A SWAT Gun Battle

A respected family lawyer in Virginia snapped under pressure. He holded up in his house and pointlessly battled a SWAT team for a few hours. His wife (who is also his law partner) has got to be reeling still from these events.

What happened to Mr. Ferris that would have made him act like a desperado? No one really knows. They found some beer and meds in his house, so maybe he was depressed. They found a picture of a sniper there, too, and - bizarre twist, given his legal practice area -he was also a licensed gun dealer. So maybe he was just a troubled guy, although local residents described him otherwise, and be was apparently very involved in his community.

Very tragic, seeing anyone throw away their life. At least he didn't kill his wife and kids...

I first read about this in the ABA Journal:

I couldn't find out much more, even after reading this:
UPDATE: Cause of death released for Ferris in Chesterfield shoot - WTOC, Savannah, Georgia, news, weather and sports |


  1. Tragic indeed, unfortunately its often too late in identifying troubled individuals regardless of vocation. Andre

  2. You're right, Andre. I thought this incident was really bizarre when I posted it, and even after the terrible attacks in Oslo this week, I still think it's odd that this lawyer, who gave no real outward warning signs of his personal issues, would have ended up in a SWAT battle.

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