Saturday, February 6, 2016

Evolution of Book Of Genesis: Part I

Book Of Genesis is a novel inspired by true events that occurred not only at my own alma mater, but at many other boarding schools in the northeastern United States, between the late 1960's and the mid 1990's. 

In private secondary schools, certain faculty members abused their positions of trust and authority to prey on vulnerable students. The schools turned a blind eye to known or suspected sexual abusers, blaming the students, or blaming the leniency of the times -- but always protecting the reputation of the school above all else.

Rumors of  'affairs' involving a few teachers and students at my own school were whispered behind cupped palms during my student days. Gossip within the bubble of our small community in upstate New York was to be expected; it was only after I was a twenty-plus-year alum that I learned how many students had been preyed upon during my three-year tenure at the school, that some of the perps had been highly-respected teachers (a few even had endowed chairs named after them), and how searing the survivors' experiences had been during school and the ensuing decades. 

I hadn't understood why so many of my most beloved friends from school had simply vanished, whereabouts unknown to anyone -- even Google. Several had chosen to remain in touch with only one or two select friends, retaining outsized levels of bitterness and anger from their prep school days that far exceeded my own lingering feelings of adolescent alienation. 

Maybe predation was the cause of their self-imposed isolation from the rest of us; maybe not.

All I knew was that, although I had escaped the attention of those predators when I was a student, others hadn't been so lucky, and that I owed it to them to write this story.

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