Monday, February 10, 2014

The Great Literary Agent Race: Part 13

Thirteen is a lucky number in my house. Both kids were born on dates with multiples of thirteen. So I'm using thirteen to post my last article in this 'agent race' series. I'm hoping that what would have been number fourteen will, instead, be number one in a new beginning for my book and for me.

Back to the race, though.

Actually, it's not a race anymore. It's a waiting game.

I've done everything I was supposed to do: I added a few scenes, I created a website (all by myself!) at, I checked over my manuscript again (did I say again?!), and I'm increasing my activity on the Web. I'm so obedient! Every day, I thank my lucky stars that I've gotten this far.

So now what?

Well, my agent did what she promised, too. My book blurb is in her January 2014 newsletter. I was afraid to follow up, so I waited two weeks to ask what to expect. She told me the blurb had yielded some requests, and she set a submission date: On February 25, she will be sending my manuscript to all the publishers who've requested it. She'll let me know who or how many as the submission date approaches.

After that, it will be anywhere from two weeks to six months for an editor to request more information or whatever. (I'm confident Jane will keep me posted, but I'll probably email her in mid-March if I haven't heard anything by then.)

I say 'whatever,' because I've never had this experience. I have no idea exactly what will happen, if anything. And I sure as hell don't want to jinx myself by even thinking about it anymore!

So here I am, being, umm, cool, calm and collected.

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