Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Great Literary Agent Race, Part 12.

So, if you read 'Part 1' of this series, you're just about caught up to me.

It turns out that Jane and her partner really liked my revisions, so -- heavy sigh of relief from me.

They have suggested that I wait until after the holidays to have them market the book. And they want to market it by featuring it in their January 2014 newsletter, which goes to  about 2,000 industry insiders. How cool is that?

In the interim, I received three assignments from them:

1. They asked me to do a conversational bio that didn't look like a c.v.  Yikes. The only other bio I have is the three-sentence deal that I used in my query letter, or the one paragraph thingy that has been used for introducing me at CLE lectures.

Another mental block that I had to overcome ... It took me a week or two, but I did it. It wasn't as bad as writing a synopsis!

2. Next, I needed to draft a sales-pitchy blurb. For some reason, that wasn't as awful as doing the bio, maybe because I know Jane will be editing it.  Blurb is now done.

3. My final mission is to read the whole book again and make sure it's as perfect as possible, without adding or changing scenes. I.e., without messing with it. This one's going to need another week for me to gain a little distance from it.

As to communication methods with my agent, well, right now I'm mostly using email. With my continued lunatic hours, it's the best way for me, and I'm sure I won't be interrupting her day with intrusive phone calls. Besides,  I'm a brand new client of a top tier agent, and I know she's got to be rocking and rolling with year-end deals. I'm not about to be a pain her ass, even though she's welcomed me to call  anytime. I see no need to bother her.

Come her January newsletter, though, I may be more antsy!

My best advice after this incredibly grueling journey?

1. Believe in yourself.
2. Believe in your book.
3. Be open to learning.
4. Be open to criticism, even though it sucks.
5. Finish. A bunch of times.
6. Edit, revise, until it's right, but it'll never be right until you can't do another damn thing to it.
7. Treat writing as a business because it is.
8. Research the hell out of everything.
9. Work your ass off.
10. Don't give up.

And that, dear readers, is the end of this series -- unless/until I have more to report...


  1. omg.
    Terri you have so much information here I need but I have to come back to absorb it as I am very busy. But this is amazing! Congratulations again, gf, on getting an agent. As a fellow writer I can totally appreciate how difficult that is. Bravo!


    1. Jeannieeeee!!! I'm am so far behind with a Divorce Saloon, it's embarrassing! At least you can see I have a (somewhat) valid excuse... After I re-read 'Client Relations' one last time for my agent, I PROMISE to rejoin you!

  2. Hey Terri,

    I think I'd read anything you wrote, maybe even one of those briefs. But this is fantastic. Can I send the link to my writing group? OH..and the scene (see, i think this is a book) at the writer's conference, getting ripped to shreds. Been there, done that. Helpful, ya. kindof, eventually. PAINFUL. hell ya. Thanks for being so generous and honest.


    1. Of course you can link it, Simi, thanks for asking!

      : )

  3. Hi Teri,
    Congratulations! I just read your guest blog for WNBA. I'm so happy for you and can completely identify with what you've been going through - except for the final triumph of getting an agent. Not there yet... I met you on-line on tnbw and then in person at last year's Query Roulette. Persistence, determination, willingness to learn and listen - you're absolutely right. Looking forward to reading your book. I hope the next part of the journey - selling it to a publisher- goes smoothly and not as long as the agent search. Your book deserves to be on the shelves in Barnes and Nobel!

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks so much for reading the blog post and stopping by! I remember meeting you! I hope things go well with your book too - don't take 'no' for an answer, just keep on truckin' : )

      I'll post an update on what happening with the marketing of Client Relations soon....