Monday, September 19, 2011

Dissing the Judge Is Never A Good Idea

Two words: Joe Walsh.

Walsh, a Tea Party freshman Congressman, owes over $117,000 in alleged child support arrears, while stoking up the right-wing media over government spending, and calling out the President of the United States as a liar who is "in over [his] head."

He didn't bother to show up for his oft-adjourned child support hearing last week, because of his position as a Member of the House. (Not like he was actually doing something important in DC on the day of the hearing.) To which the Judge replied, “Well, he’s no different than anyone else.” The Judge's comment was actually consistent with the position taken by Walsh's, ummm, fourth(?) lawyer, that he's just like "any other average guy." You know, that average "Joe Sixpack" kind of guy who has trouble meeting his child support obligations.

Wait a minute.

Since when is the average American support obligor a deadbeat? And if it's so "average" (i.e. normal) to be a deadbeat dad, does that make it okay? (Note to Levi Johnston: Tea Party matron Sarah Palin won't mind if you skip paying child support to still-unwed Bristol.)

Child support orders can be onerous, and even downright nutty - Lord knows I've had a few of those issued against some of my clients. Sometimes they're far too meagre, I've had those, also. Sometimes judges actually do something about bizarre orders - although they usually don't. I've been on both sides of enforcement proceedings. Lord knows, they're an even bigger nightmare.

The thought of F-f-f-f-family Court makes my skin turn a nasty shade of green.

But in any event, you don't just ignore the damn court date.
Judge scolds Rep. Joe Walsh in child-support case with ex-wife - Chicago Sun-Times


  1. I love to see this fiscal responsibility guys say that fiscal responsibility is for the government, but not for them in their personal lives. Wonder if he gets slapped with contempt if he has a get-out-of-jail-free card because he is a congressman?

  2. Hi aldewitt, I think we both know that nothing - zero zippo - is going to happen to this guy. I believe he's already been excused from his next court date (just like you or me!).

    But then again, he's so arrogant that his next lawyer (I've lost count of how many this deadbeat has already hired and fired- probably owes all of them money, too) may ask that his ex-wife pay HIM! :<O

  3. Hey Ruchi,

    Thanks for your comment... According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Walsh is going "to bypass a potentially tough GOP primary against Rep. Randy Hultgren and run instead in a more Democratic district." In November, Hultgren had questioned whether Walsh's personal "baggage" would hurt his re-election chances.

    I guess switching districts to run against Democrats resolved that one...!