Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Not The Only One Off-Line

My friends @ took a hiatus, as did champion blogger David Mott @  Unplugged and Offline

So I feel a little less guilty.


  1. Hilarious! You know, I took town my "I am on hiatus" link today because I felt like, "who do you think you are, woman! Your readers must thing you are such a diva!!!" Funny you should reference it over here, Miss Terri. Oh, so this guy over at dadshouse said "unplugged and offline?" That is HILARIOUS. I LOVE it. Next time I am feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, I swear that is what I am going to say. And as a blogger, you just know when you are there. And it hits you at random times. But it's very intense and you wig out and then you know, get offline before you compromise your entire future! :) Listen, Terri, I checked out Allison's interview. You've got friends in high places woman. You are next, I am sure. You attorneys with such impressive creds! I'm jealous, man.

    Divorce Saloon

  2. know, being off-line is like the kiss of death, right? (Not for Dave, he's got an amazing following...)

    Re: Next? My grandma alway used to say, "From your mouth to God's ears..."

    You should see Allison's reviews on Amazon- they are positively stellar. Can't wait to dig into her book.